Release notes

November 2, 2022
Additional device support
ethOS is upgraded as a fork of Lineage 19.1. Builds for the Pixel5a, Pixel3, and Pixel3XL phones are available.
Helios light client
Following the Ethereum Merge to Proof-of-Stake, the Geth light client was deprecated. The Helios light client, which utilizes less resources, and works with the PoS Ethereum network, replaces the Geth client.
System wallet
A system-level Ethereum wallet is included in ethOS. Installed apps can communicate with this wallet directly. The system wallet communicates to Ethereum via the onboard Helios light client.
The XMTP Protocol is added to the native SMS messenger app. XMTP is a decentralized messaging service that utilizes Ethereum.
ENS integration
ENS domains can be added to the ethOS Contacts application. The XMTP messaging app can send messages to .eth addresses utilizing ENS Contacts data.
July 20, 2022
First stable version of ethOS
ethOS is established as a fork of Lineage 18.1. Builds for Pixel3, and Pixel3XL phones are available.
Geth light client
ethOS features an onboard Geth light client which communicates directly with the Ethereum network.
Metamask wallet
A pre-installed Metamask wallet is included in ethOS. The RPC can be changed in the app settings to the onboard Geth light client, so the Metamask wallet can broadcast transactions directly to Ethereum, rather than rely on the default centralized service, Infura.
Web installer
ethOS may be installed on any OEM unlocked Pixel3 or Pixel3XL device by connecting it to a computer and following prompts at Following installation, over-the-air updates are available.