Release notes

February 21, 2024

New Keyboard

We have updated the standard keyboard in the OS to the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard. This adds swype text, updated emojis and a range of better typing experiences.

Base Chain RPC

Updated the RPC for base chain when trying to do transactions with base eth.

Messaging Contact fixes

Bug fixes in contacts showing multiple instances of the same contact to be selected.

Mint App

Added a redirect to your Opensea account for easy collection viewing

Light node

Updates to the logic in the light node, few bug fixes.

UI/UX Updates

Various small UI and UX updates.

January 10, 2024

Device and Android upgrades:

ethOS now runs on newer devices, the Pixel 7a being the flagship. We’ve also updated to the new Android 14.

GrapheneOS as the base:

We’ve switch from LineageOS to GrapheneOS as a more secure base layer, with continued support for your private key in the secure enclave.

Builds for Pixel 4 or other devices:

ethOS is open source and will be releasing a guide to building the OS on your own device.

Native L2 support:

Explore on the main L2s including Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Zora, and more to come soon! Just choose from your pulldown tray & interact within the wallet.

New native messaging:

Quickly add ENS domains, send crypto easily from your contacts, share your address natively and even send within messenger.

Google Play Store:

Make ethOS your daily driver with the Play Store. Download easily from the Play Manager.

Swap within the wallet:

The native wallet manager features a swap function so you can ape into shitcoins on the go.

UI/UX updates:

We’ve refreshed the OS with a consistent feel across all native apps.

Bug fixes:

Will be responding rapidly with point releases. Let us know on Discord if you find any more.

Delightful features:

We’ve included some easter eggs & crypto native features that are yours to find :)

March 28, 2023

Default home screen update

When downloading 2.1 from a clean install, the default home screen now includes ethOS native apps & a few other most-used ones.

Changing the chain

Easily switch the blockchain you want to transact with via the pulldown settings tray.

Wallet Manager

Choose MAX send when transferring funds & UI fix to see balance during sending.

Mint App

Option to take a photo or upload straight from the app to mint.

Light Node

Updated the light node app's icon in the tray to match the light node app icon.

Bug Fixes

Other minor UI/UX bug fixes.

March 2, 2023

NFT minting app

Allows for photo minting straight from your photo collection.

XMTP support

Enhanced support for the XMPT messaging protocol.

Native ethOS icons

ethOS specific squircle icons.

ethOS gallery

Support for NFT and non-NFT albums in ethOS gallery.

Wallet manager

System level wallet manager that holds your keys and signs transactions. Backed by biometrics 2FA.

Three browser

Proprietary ethOS browser that integrates with the wallet manager for a seamless signing experience.

microG integration

Open-source implementation of proprietary Google libraries that serves as a replacement for Google specific system-level APIs.

Light clients

Support for Helios and Nimbus light clients.

November 2, 2022

Additional device support

ethOS is upgraded as a fork of Lineage 19.1. Builds for the Pixel5a, Pixel3, and Pixel3XL phones are available.

Helios light client

Following the Ethereum Merge to Proof-of-Stake, the Geth light client was deprecated. The Helios light client, which utilizes less resources, and works with the PoS Ethereum network, replaces the Geth client.

System wallet

A system-level Ethereum wallet is included in ethOS. Installed apps can communicate with this wallet directly. The system wallet communicates to Ethereum via the onboard Helios light client.


The XMTP Protocol is added to the native SMS messenger app. XMTP is a decentralized messaging service that utilizes Ethereum.

ENS integration

ENS domains can be added to the ethOS Contacts application. The XMTP messaging app can send messages to .eth addresses utilizing ENS Contacts data.

ethOS generative wallpaper

ethOS features an ethOS Logo Generative Wallpaper application in the Display Settings.

July 20, 2022

First stable version of ethOS

ethOS is established as a fork of Lineage 18.1. Builds for Pixel3, and Pixel3XL phones are available.

Geth light client

ethOS features an onboard Geth light client which communicates directly with the Ethereum network.

Metamask wallet

A pre-installed Metamask wallet is included in ethOS. The RPC can be changed in the app settings to the onboard Geth light client, so the Metamask wallet can broadcast transactions directly to Ethereum, rather than rely on the default centralized service, Infura.

Web installer

ethOS may be installed on any OEM unlocked Pixel3 or Pixel3XL device by connecting it to a computer and following prompts at Following installation, over-the-air updates are available.